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Chinstrap makes developers' lives easier by providing support for multiple contract compilations, tests, and origination on public and private Tezos networks.

Backed by Tezos Foundation Grant 🎉

Flextesa Sandbox

Local sandbox to develop and test contracts

Multi-language support

Supports writing contracts in SmartPy, JsLIGO, CameLIGO, PascaLIGO and ReasonLIGO

Testing Your Contracts

Supports scripting and testing in Ligo, Python(SmartPy/PyTest) and JsLIGO, CameLIGO, PascaLIGO and ReasonLIGO

Deploy with confidence

Scriptable origination management for deploying to many public & private networks

Build like the best

End-to-end build cycle support for creation, compilation, testing, and origination of Smart Contracts